dear disney;

photo (5)

{while i was at home last week i got to go to my beloved disney…
which also means i dropped at least $30 on necessary nonsense}

dear disney,
just take all of my money.
you deserve it.
from your meatloaf and 50’s diners.
to your mickey-shaped ice creams.
and your phineas and ferb pillow pets.
and your steven tyler yowling at me while i flip on roller coasters.
{i’ll forgive the elderly people of cruise ships.
the toddlers with wet pants.
and the people that belt at the american idol experience! “ride” for now}
consider it my “i was born in orlando and must pay my bi-yearly disney tax by buying $30 stuffed platypus” payment.

just take it. all of it.

sincerely, me.


3 thoughts on “dear disney;

  1. I’ve never been to Disney, but I have always envisioned it as my nightmare, basically. But this makes me think I should give it a chance…

  2. Oh, Disney. Every time we go to Disneyland, we always say we’re going to do it “on a budget.” Which basically means we stay in cheap, sketchy hotels (motels?) and totally forget that B-word as soon as we see the cute Mickey-shaped foods, Captain Neo fridge magnets, overpriced but adorable stuffed animals, coffee mugs, Christmas ornaments, etc.

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