new york city ta-da! list;


if you’re reading this, i finished up my trek to my new apartment in manhattan.

i’ve got a small litter box clumsily stuffed into my suit case. my lucky mustard yellow flats. men’s evergreen-scented deodorant.

which is to say, i’m ready to rumble.


i’m a huge fan of to-do lists. buuuuuuut they sound so dreadful.

ergo, the birth of the “ta da! list” which i think just sounds a lot nicer.
{and subconsciously i like to think it makes me more productive.}

…let’s get started, ya’ll.

*eat all the big gay ice cream.

*take a class at upright citizens brigade
*henna-dye my hair.
*swing dance allllll over
{the most fun exercise because you can talk while you do it.}
*eat lots of german food.
{boston only has one german restaurant, so this maedchen needs to get her schnitzel on.}
*doughnut plant!
*learn how to read crochet patterns.
*grow my hair to stevie nicks a la rumours status.
*find a yoga place under $35 a class.
*coney island (!!!!)
*go to momofuku milk bar, please. i daydream often of cereal-milk flavored goodies.
*read lots of german children’s books. yay!


{did i miss anything?}


6 thoughts on “new york city ta-da! list;

  1. Oh, New York, how I love you so! Sounds like an awesome ta-da list! I swear, those musicians are always in the same part of Central Park. I took photos of the same musicians in the same location when I was there last spring! Also, Doughnut Plant = Heaven.

  2. Ooh, one more to add to your list if you’re a fan of desserts! Rice to Riches on Spring Street (near Little Italy). It’s a rice pudding dessert place but let me just say, this a rice pudding at a whole ‘nother level. I don’t typically like the stuff but Rice to Riches is so creamy and smooth and sweet and delicious, I can never resist. I discovered it a long long time ago when visiting my bestie (literally it was about 10 years ago when I first stumbled into the place) and I go back every time I visit, taking new friends each time to introduce them to the amazingness of rice pudding.

    • i accidentally stumbled upon it on monday, oddly enough! which is to say, i drooled on the glass walls they have in front of the bowls of rice pudding. deeeeefinitely putting it on the list now. what’s your favorite flavor?

  3. Aghh…will miss you so much! I recall going to a German museum in the city that was great, and there is also a Goethe Institut there you should check out…so much German culture at your fingertippys! Enjoy enjoy enjoy…so looking forward to experiencing it all vicariously through you. xoxo

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