things that make me so happy i could vomit;


oh! hey there. is anybody home? my bad, ya’ll.
it’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks and i’m lucky if i even remember deodorant most days.
now let’s cut the crap.

ever see that one episode of 30 rock? the one where jack watches a home video of one of his childhood birthdays and sees that he once vomited from a birthday present, that launches his quest to find out what could make him so happy he could vomit?

{no? that’s sad. you’re missing out on weeks of yelling “apollllooooo apollllooooo” to no one in particular.}


30 rock moments aside, as you can tell, i’m of a weird breed. i get homesick while i’m in neat cities. i make playlists themed to fall-times when it’s the dead of summer {and had stared at my bathing suit all winter in longing}. i miss my dogs when my hand-holding cat is on my lap. all these things should make me vomit from happiness.

i suffer from grass-is-always-greener disorder.
sometime i just glaze over all of the really small and remarkable moments in my week.
like the following:

*reading hillary clinton’s twitter bio: “Wife, mom, lawyer, women & kids advocate, FLOAR, FLOTUS, US Senator, SecState, author, dog owner, hair icon, pantsuit aficionado, glass ceiling cracker, TBD…”
{and just her twitter in general. SHE TAKES SELFIES, YA’LL.}

*this list of thrilling, happy things to do this summer 

*this stevie nicks interview !! (she is woman hear her roar &etc.)

*the ice cream i had last night at ample hills creamery (peppermint pattie + cookies au lait. all the happy tears)

*the book i’m currently reading. i think it’s required reading for all who are  little girls at heart.

*i got to work a movie premiere last night{!!!!}{i didn’t see anyone famous from my will-call table, but i saw sandy bullock’s arm muscles and got cecily strong’s tickets for her publicist #littlevictories}

*my weekly fort tryon hikes. and seeing the stuart little boats. and all things, everything outside ever.

*$4 chinatown toads in buckets. plain and simple.

*rowing in central park.
{and how when we saw james taylor perform, we thought he was a wiggle. woops.}

*babysitting the coolest 9-year-old at a carnival.
{sno-cones! swings! magic shows! shout out @ veronica}

*swing dancing outside.
{dancing with strangers will never stop giving me that nice little happy jolt.}

{how about you?}


6 thoughts on “things that make me so happy i could vomit;

  1. listen. i love you. i really do. i’ve been horrible at reading blogs this summer, but yours is always one i miss. longing for seasons we can’t have, right music for the wrong season. WE ARE TWINS. i want to hear more about your internship and your time on the red carpet.
    and plz, we both know i know that 30 rock episode.

    • GIRL, this love is reciprocated. as is the not-catching-up-on-blogs-but-still-wanting-updates biznass. and i feel the same about your blog but times one million (plus one). can’t get enough of it, just inject those updates to me right into my veins, ‘cuz i need ’em bad. i’m considering moving the stars so they are all aligned so we can finally get wonder-twin rings of some sort and join them together.

  2. Had a special week. Helped a young mother get her beautiful 4 year old daughter enrolled in VPK. Not an easy thing to do. Had to find a facility without a waiting list of 50, beat out another mom for the last spot, and run all over Orange County to get the paperwork in. But we did it!!!!!

  3. I am foreverrr reminding myself to live in the present. I’m a sufferer of chronic seasonal nostalgia – meaning I’ll lust for fall in the dead of spring and completely wish we could skip summer after I’d spent all winter wishing for it. So, I get you here friend.

    Laughed out loud at my desk over this post’s title and should let you know it’s by far the best thing I read in a while.

    • yes! season-lusting is such a disease, and usually results in me buying half-off boots in the dead of summer. no regrets, but dang i wish i could cut it out! glad to know i’m not the only one 🙂 and you are tooooo kind, love!

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