being one with nature &etc;

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{prospect park}

it may not be obvious, but i’m a big fan of dirt.
i really dig the stuff {hyuk-hyuk. see what i did there?} hiking in new hampshire and massachusetts has been one of my new loves since moving to the northeast, behind the burritos at boloco, petting strangers dogs outside the library, and pretending not to have pet a stranger dog after it ferociously barks at me. it wasn’t me, i swear.

i am also one of those people that doesn’t really enjoy going to the gym to feel worked out. i actually kind of hate it. people are too clean at the gym. and also, that freakish breed of women exists there.

you know the ones; the ones with a sephora-employee-level of “smokey eye” on their eyes? i’m sorry, ya’ll, but you should not be trying to rock major eye definition while working on your calf definition. just my #twocents.

just bask in your dirtiness for once, is what i have to say. that’s the one way i feel successful, is with the amount of dirt in between my toes. post-hike shoe removal? sigh. end-of-beach-day griminess? the best. the resulting shower? i could cry at the thought.  it’s a good benchmark, i think. which is why i’ve been trying to romp in new york city parks all the more often like i’m a wild shetland pony or something.

who knew i’d find myself at my delightful dirtiest in new york? the parks of new york have been the background of all my daily, sweat-filled walks, where i pretend the cars rushing on the roads above me are just ocean waves picking up speed.

in this city full of grown women wearing freshly-pressed gaucho pants and fitted blazers, i’m more the type of person that realizes at 4p.m. that she has a peanut butter stain on the crotch of her $5 pencil skirt. and thats exactly how i like it, and exactly how i think i’ll keep it.

photo (10)photo (11)photo (8)photo (7)photo (9)

{fort tryon park + the cloisters}


5 thoughts on “being one with nature &etc;

  1. Since starting exercising more, specifically running, I’ve been basking in the dirty sweaty self that comes along with being outdoors. I ache for it after a long day of work. Lovely photos and glad you’re enjoying the outdoors and summertime. It’s such a wonderful thing to feel our senses taking in the outside world free from a place to go or any agenda.

    • YESSS! i wish i was a running person, but i have the knees of a grandpa (and just like my poppop) but i sooooo feel that feeling when i haven’t gotten sufficiently dirty on a hike or even after the beach! it’s so grounding 🙂

  2. What is going on with these photos?!?! They rock for reals.

    We went camping this weekend, and the dirt and smelliness were the last things to bother me. I am really ok getting unclean…I mostly just worry about inflicting in on others. =)

    • thanks, love! i’ve sort of cheated with them a bit; manfriend is a skilled photographer and i’ve borrowed a few + he’s inspired me to not be so lazy with editing my own! win-win situation 🙂 bahahaha and same here 😉

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