summer reads, just add water;

oyeyey{oh, woops! well, howdy there. as it is always doing, life had to be lived and summertime means laptop-thigh-sweat started happening. you know how that goes. we’ll just let my little absence slide, right? i thank you kindly. as a bartering tool, here’s one of my favorite things to put up on this little space.}

some of you might be wondering why i am in new york this summer. and most of you aren’t which is okay, because there are plenty of other things to wonder about like where to get a doris day tattoo {foot + ankle, all the way}, or what brand of tj’s hummus to get {white bean, guys}, or which corgi on reddit is the cutest {all of them. just all of them}

meanwhile, back at the ranch, i’m here doing the all-too-familiar grind of interning. which is great! i love that grind, especially when the intern in question involves something i didn’t even know people could do as a job.

kind of like when you realize that people train bears for movies. or everything tina fey manages to do. and the olympic sport of curling. but i digress. i’m interning at a fancy-schmance film studio in their literary department. “what does that mean, mackenzie?” you might ask, but probably aren’t. well, friends, that means i read not-published-yet manuscripts, book proposals, all the newspapers ever, and movie websites and comb it for any little nugget of adaptation news or books that could possibly be adapted into movies for aforementioned fancy studio.

usually the combing results in a lot of this. regardless, the combing is mega-fun. my life is essentially the devil wears prada {one of the movies the fancy-schmance studio has distributed *wink*}

except i work with a bunch of dudes and they don’t care that most of my outfits involve bike shorts of some sort. i also haven’t had to rush into oncoming traffic for the never-before-seen copy of harry potter book #8. at least, not yet.
…and also the internship means exposure to all of these books i think ya’ll would love.

where’d you go bernadette by maria semple {i know this is everywhere, but rightly so}
just kids by patti smith
how to be a woman by caitlin moran (life.changing. ya’ll.)
kiss me like a stranger by gene wilder
swamplandia! by karen russell
wild by cheryl strayed {don’t read the first 50 pages in a public place. you will want to cry and call your mom or both at the same time. one of those ugly-snot tears.}

*currently reading:
even cowgirls get the blues by tom robbins {for the mental livelihood of all girls-at-heart}

*to read:
the group by mary mccarthy
what she saw…:a novel by lucinda rosenfeld {can’t find this anywhere. what is this nonsense?} mr. penumbra’s 24-hour bookstore by robin sloan
someday, someday, maybe by lauren graham  {lorelai gilmore ftw}
vampires in the lemon grove by karen russell
my year with eleanor  by noelle hancock
the astronaut wive’s club
by lily koppel
the yonahlossee riding camp for girls by anton disclafani
high fidelity by nick hornby {or rather, finish reading it}

*internship reads {top secret, except not really, but i like to tell myself that}:
-neat YA novel about a 17 year-old girl spy in WWI-era england {loved it! can’t wait for it to publish}
-a new david levithan {!}
-some mega-bad british sci-fi.{like really bad, guys. weird short stories about sexual tension between androids is just awk.}
-romantic memoir about a romance editor, i.e. the dudes in the office didn’t want to read it.
-a new sarah dessen{!!!}

what have you read lately and loved {or hated!} ?


11 thoughts on “summer reads, just add water;

  1. loving this post because JUST this morning I was thinking what to read while on vacation later this week. I love love loved Where’d You Go Bernadette and cannot wait to read Wild. Maybe that will be a good one to read lakeside in the country!

    Your job sounds awesome. Also, I’m digging on your writing style. Keep it coming.

    • oh YAY! and it’s peeeeerfect for that kind of trip! it’s really addicting and heartbreaking and all kinds of good feels! i hope you like it, lady! 🙂

  2. Bookmarking this post to come back to next time I think ‘I want a new book but I don’t know what I want’ 🙂

    I recently loved Unclean Jobs for Women and Girls by Alissa Nutting, and was pretty unimpressed by Amity & Sorrow by Peggy Riley. Just started How They Were Found by Matt Bell today and so far I am enjoying it!

  3. It’s like…I’m happy for you, because this internship sounds absolutely perfect, but then…I’m insanely jealous. We’ll call it even so long as you keep the book recs coming. (Mr. Penumbra was one of my recent FAVES so I’d say start with that.) Also, because I am an evangelist: Girlchild. And I will read your entire *read list, because it is populated by everything I’ve been reaching for all summer, but never actually opened.

    • lady, you are the absolute best. how about i sneak you in? and yay for the rec for mr. penumbra! i’m gonna sneak that epub file off the intern computer so hard. 🙂

  4. I’m really bored with the book I’m reading now but I won’t quit because I never abandon a book part-way through (except The Brothers Karamazov – I just couldn’t do it), but I need good exciting ones to add to my list so I have something to look forward to when I finish! Love this post 🙂

    • dude, her new book “the moon and more” is well worth the read. so many summer dream boats. i’ve got the files ‘cuz i’m #crafty if you’d like it!

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