a see ya later, not a goodbye;

IMG_4707          {admittedly, most of my posing inspiration comes from the 40 year-old virgin poster}

i’ve learned a lot this summer. primarily the teachings of the little girls i’ve been lucky to babysit for, in that really fantastic range of four to eight years-old.

a kid knows instinctually when they find something not as fun, and quickly run to the nearest hot pink razor scooter, or rollerblades {where i would inevitably roll into a mailbox because i don’t know how to stop *ahem* still don’t know how to} or break open a fresh pack of dunkaroos.

oh my god or a mondo drink. or god forbid a box of those little cookie panda-things filled with strawberry cream. okay, so eight year-old me definitely had maple syrup and cookies and cream ice cream for blood. and honey nut cheerios for platelets. and an entenmann’s coffee cake for a liver. we can set that as fact. i had the jowls to show for it.

meanwhile, back at the ranch. i think it’s all too easy to lose that instinctual feeling of “wow, this is a chore” or “holy crap, when did i last have fun doing this” or “if hyperlinking another youtube scene in spaceballs is all i did today then by jove, i’d be a big ball of sad.” 

which is not what this is all about. and i think a lot of the gaps that have been in this blog this summer have been filled with me being more instinctual about having the kind of fun i instinctually want to have, off the screen. and keeping it to myself has been more of something i’ve wanted to do.

i’ve loved being a part of this community, and will always love to read your thoughts, adventures, and kale recipes, but i think for me i’m getting to a point where i’d like to think less of what photo filter on #vscocam to put my weekend under and more of where the nearest mr. frostee truck is and where to get a stylin’ pair of rollerskates.

i love you all and these past four years of blogging would never have been as cool without your cake ball recipes, corgi .gifs, and just garden-variety coolness. so for now, i’d like to bid you all a “see ya later,” {’cause you know i can’t stay away for too long} and definitely not a “goodbye” because that’s pretty sappy and i like to keep the sap down to a minimum, ’cause that ish is messy.

wanna keep in touch? i’m only moderately clingy.



11 thoughts on “a see ya later, not a goodbye;

  1. i’m not going to cry. i refuse to cry. mostly because i totally get what you mean. life is just better when it’s being lived and not constantly being turned into a blog post or instagram. live on!! know i will miss reading your adventures and stalking your life. always look behind your shoulder in case i’m there. don’t forget me. plz. don’t forget me. you have made this whole “friends from the internet” thing worth it and less creepy than it sounds.

  2. Oh man am I going to miss you, Mackenzie! I understand though 🙂 and I’m so glad you’re having the time of your life off screen. See you on Twitter… and maybe next time I’m in NY. xo

  3. Well, I think we must be vibein’ because I haven’t been blogging much or commenting much, and I thought I’d check in on you and there you have it! Can’t really think of what I want to say, you know, if this was your last post ever, which it might not be. But, I guess, I want to tell you that you are inspiring (because of your creative writing style, your humour even in the face of shitfulness and your ability to connect with people in a real, more meaningful way than most other personal writers/bloggers)

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