keep warm + hello!


how have you all been?
i’ve been doing swell.
i graduate in two, count ’em, two weeks {!!!}
and then edith the cat and i are on a one way trip down to good ol’ florida.
the swampland of my heart.
then i’m off to germany + prague for a few weeks to do some general prancing and solo-adventuring. yay!

then…question mark. who really knows.
which is pretty cool, right? i dig it.
all i know is i have a big order of puppy kisses
{+ i’ve been hinting at getting these roller skates for christmas for MONTHS.}

soooooo i just wanted to pop back in to say hi + a little bit of gross self-promotion!
you know how it goes.
at least i’m being upfront about it.
you are allowed to ‘x’ out of your browser as of now.

still here?
so, get this. i have a sociopathic amount of scarves in my house.
and it’s colder than a witches’ teat outside.

and since i love you all so much and don’t want anyone’s necks to get hypothermia,
i’ve made a little handy-dandy coupon for my etsy shop for all of you who have been reading my incoherent rambles for however long.
{extra points if you’ve been here since i wrote literary raps}

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 2.17.26 PM
{the coupon code is WHATEVRGATSBY12}

i also do custom orders.
i actually lurrrrrrrve custom orders.
even if you want hearts in the yarn,
or god forbid want a hufflepuff scarf {hufflepuffs are a bunch of spares, sorry}
or want tassles or glitter,
or want a scarf so thick it stretches your neck like a kayan woman. 

i will do it. seriously.

{they are all currently wool-free for all you sheep-lovers,
but i can make wool ones if you need the sheepy warmth. i totally get it.}

and if not, fill my comments on all you are up to!

xo m.


6 thoughts on “keep warm + hello!

  1. DON’T TEASE ME WITH THIS POST!!!!!!!! do you know how much I’ve missed your online presence?? You were the one blog I could always count on for consistently good writing and posts. You’re torturing me with this!!

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