things you learn by 25.875;

okay, so you still don’t know how to make bread bowls {and thus cannot eat your dishes.} that’s okay. cut yourself a break. it’s been a weird and funny three years. there’s still time. 25 has been really dope. ups and downs, sure, but generally a good 82% on rotten tomatoes and i’m on month 10. […]

that time i went to prague and ended up in a beer dungeon;

a little preface: ~ a million years ago, when i began documenting the two weeks i went backpacking in europe solo, i had a mental squabble over this portion of my trip. most of my non-fiction stories involve a game i play called, “is this libel?” or rather, “is this my story alone to tell?”  so i stopped […]

hugging your anxiety monster real tight: a media guide

nye 2016. all the anxiety behind that face mask. edith was an all too accurate representation of my own personal anxiety monster.  hugging your anxiety monster  that one conversation you had last july (and last night…and three years ago in college…) where you said some weird crap in front of some friends/coworkers/the cvs cashier lady and you’re […]

that time i went to europe and became a jelly donut, berlin;

{berlin: weihnachtsmarkt [christmas market, alexanderplatz],  siegessäule, smiling through the sickness @ brandenburger tor in my toadstool hat, the aforementioned currywurst restaurant} *and then i sort of kind of made it to berlin, exceeeeeept the whole part where the next flight to berlin would have been four days later, as in the day after i hypothetically left […]

that time i went to europe and {sorta} lived to tell the tale, dublin;

   {somewhere around st. stephen’s green. too jet-lagged to remember exactly, since i had just had at least four cups of aer-lingus coffee and eight aer-lingus cookies by this point, tbh} i’m about to be that twat. i’m about to talk about my post-grad trip europe without being annoying, except totally being annoying. you know […]

the quest for realness;

 the moment i found myself outside of a very, very closed trinity library on an 8 hour layover in dublin. you’ve NEVER seen a library more closed than that library. pose via britney spears circa 2007. realness via life via school of hard knocks.  *to engaged people taking pictures of themselves/having pictures taken of themselves: where the […]

keep warm + hello!

howdy! how have you all been? i’ve been doing swell. i graduate in two, count ’em, two weeks {!!!} and then edith the cat and i are on a one way trip down to good ol’ florida. the swampland of my heart. then i’m off to germany + prague for a few weeks to do […]

a see ya later, not a goodbye;

          {admittedly, most of my posing inspiration comes from the 40 year-old virgin poster} i’ve learned a lot this summer. primarily the teachings of the little girls i’ve been lucky to babysit for, in that really fantastic range of four to eight years-old. a kid knows instinctually when they find something […]

being one with nature &etc;

{prospect park} it may not be obvious, but i’m a big fan of dirt. i really dig the stuff {hyuk-hyuk. see what i did there?} hiking in new hampshire and massachusetts has been one of my new loves since moving to the northeast, behind the burritos at boloco, petting strangers dogs outside the library, and […]