summer reads, just add water;

{oh, woops! well, howdy there. as it is always doing, life had to be lived and summertime means laptop-thigh-sweat started happening. you know how that goes. we’ll just let my little absence slide, right? i thank you kindly. as a bartering tool, here’s one of my favorite things to put up on this little space.} […]

i want to go to there, a reading list;

{old orchard beach, maine} basically, ya’ll, my wanderlust is going crazy enough to make me want to say “ya’ll”. luckily, a one bedroom in manhattan is my destiny this summer, so thankfully i have some place to walk my new mom-ish shoes around {baby girl loves sensible shoes, even if they age me ten years}. […]

post-grad reading list;

the other night i had the pleasure of meeting a really kindred spirit in the unlikely place of a new frozen yogurt shop ¬†where i was attending a babysitters-parent networking event (feel free to laugh. this is my normal.) we hit a lull in the event, the other babysitters really weren’t talking to other babysitters […]

january favorites;

golden retrievers curbed outside the library just ready for mackenzie hugs. the diamond-encrusted violin at the ra ra riot concert (third time i’ve seen them in less than two years…whoops.) crunchy snow. and going “CRUNCHCRUNCHCRUNCH!” outside whenever i stomp on it. even though for every time i smile when there is fresh snow i usually […]


itemized receipt of finals: four papers due by this coming tuesday. two exams on a saturday. one paper about wombs. one paper about disembowelment. one paper about an awkward beard-filled first kiss. one paper about lesbian sisters being drenched in fruit pulp by goblinmen (why is british literature the best?) one too many coffees. or, […]

a literary halloweekend;

as is my usual fashion, this halloween was a nerdy one. i decided that the best use of my closet to make a “sexy emily dickinson” costume (isn’t it sad that it took me five minutes and my closet to make this costume? don’t answer that.) i pranced around a party with final harvest in […]

on the bedside table;

i’ve developed a bad friday habit. after relinquishing the throes of required reading from class each week, i walk myself to my local bookstore (way, way too close to my new apartment), perch myself on a piece of carpet in their bargain basement (most likely to be found in: classics, cookbooks, $1 books in plastic […]

a washington, d.c. itinerary;

be greeted by the lovely maya at union station. regret not having a baby wipe handy because you are sweating like a sinner in church, as it is hotter than a witch’s teat (approximately) outside in d.c. try to forget the heat because there is a hopeful plateful of fried vegetable dumplings coming your way. […]