{feed the mackenzies} doctor who blue velvet tardis cake;

last month was a pretty nutty one in boston. pressure cooker bombs? lockdown? manhunt? city is shut down? it all sounds straight out of a sci-fi movie. orson scott card called, and he wants his plot back. in a way, it was terrifying and stressful. in other ways, completely fascinating to reload reddit until 5am […]

these days;

signed a sublease for a charmingly large {that’s what she said, heeey ohhhhh. sorry, mom} one bedroom in upper {upper…upper} manhattan for the summer. two favorite berries:  pinkberry on newbury. putting “or whatever” after heartfelt sayings has been my main jam, i.e. “i love you or whatever”, “you’re cute or whatever”, “no, i’ll miss you […]

{adventures in lady-dating} ghost-touring;

i am stubborn to a fault. whoa. shocker, right? i have a good idea of what i like, how i like it, and usually stick to it. and for me, some activities are best done solo. i once missed out on steve martin tickets because i waited for people to get back to me and […]

november favorites;

walking down harvard st. with a bottle of sriracha sauce. typical. the smiling poop emoji (who am i kidding, really? year-round favorite). rediscovering how much “benny and the jets” has an effect on my internship productivity. 10:30 pm bed times. three blankets. a new space heater. i’m going by the name “mildred” now, just an […]

{cycle love} winter cycling;

one of the questions i get asked the most is, “you bike everywhere? even in the winter? isn’t that, like, cold?” the next question i am asked in terms of frequency is, “why are you carrying around a bike helmet?” (i was once asked this questions four times in the matter of two hours on campus […]

ivy-covered life, a playlist;

{click above for playlist!} boston and i have been super buddy-buddy lately. i ask her for a sunny day when i don’t have twelve hours of class and internship inside of classrooms full of recycled air. i ask her to give me just enough time to finish up the wonder spot by melissa bank & sula by toni morrison […]

a tour of the nest;

guys, i am absolutely obsessed with my new little nest. i keep having these visions of baking pumpkin bread, and my “misfits thanksgiving” menu for this year (apple stuffing, a tofurky, pumpkin cranberry cake with maple frosting), and the fact that the best trader joe’s in all of boston is right down the road. okay, […]

thin-skinned in the city;

{the top of mission hill. isn’t boston enchanting?} i was nervous the other night. i could make a list a mile long with things that don’t make me nervous (first dates, petting strange dogs, eating alone at restaurants) and do make me nervous (eating shellfish, other people biking without helmets, meeting someone who says they […]

adventures in bike commuting, june;

so far, millie, the bike, and i have…. biked to the kooks concert. a cake + two door cinema club concert. and a laura marling concert. gone to castle island on a group ride with common wheels. gone through (literal) hundreds of miles around boston. all around cambridge. all around somerville. all around brookline. in […]