that time i went to europe and became a jelly donut, berlin;

{berlin: weihnachtsmarkt [christmas market, alexanderplatz],  siegessäule, smiling through the sickness @ brandenburger tor in my toadstool hat, the aforementioned currywurst restaurant} *and then i sort of kind of made it to berlin, exceeeeeept the whole part where the next flight to berlin would have been four days later, as in the day after i hypothetically left […]

that time i went to europe and {sorta} lived to tell the tale, dublin;

   {somewhere around st. stephen’s green. too jet-lagged to remember exactly, since i had just had at least four cups of aer-lingus coffee and eight aer-lingus cookies by this point, tbh} i’m about to be that twat. i’m about to talk about my post-grad trip europe without being annoying, except totally being annoying. you know […]

meet edie;

this is edie. her original name was princess, but we thought that name was lame. so around these parts we call her “princess edie dalek caan cybermen“. actually only two of us call her that, but my best friend lately has been a plump cat, so we’ll forget that for now. she is my new […]

a montreal itinerary;

{this past valentines day weekend i got myself on a greyhound and traveled all the way to montreal. for other itineraries, click here.} get to south station at 7am after a valentine’s date of romantic egg sandwiches eaten under the glow of subway lights and alfred hitchcock, which is to say i was under a […]

smelling my syllabi;

guys, school started up again this week. i’m happier than a jack-rabbit on speed that was just given a can of mountain dew. and i’m jumping on a personal trampoline. don’t know how the trampoline got there, but it’s there and i’m pleased. ugh, now they gave me a kazoo. i already have a strain […]

november favorites;

walking down harvard st. with a bottle of sriracha sauce. typical. the smiling poop emoji (who am i kidding, really? year-round favorite). rediscovering how much “benny and the jets” has an effect on my internship productivity. 10:30 pm bed times. three blankets. a new space heater. i’m going by the name “mildred” now, just an […]

four hours in d.c., or why i love the lovely country of venezuela;

i usually reserve some of my more odd life stories for dinner time talks with my mom. or non-fiction pieces for class, wherein most of my classmates think i am either lying/the weirdest person they’ve ever met/ a curious mixture of the two. so this is my disclaimer: i don’t know how this stuff happens […]

take lazarus on an adventure!

hello everyone, this is mackenzie’s lovingly awkward-looking rabbit friend, winston-lazarus-geraldo-rivera. you see, i’m getting cabin fever. there are only so many things you can do in orlando. all mackenzie does is eat hummus and watch “late night with jimmy fallon”, and i’m nowhere near being tall enough to go on roller coasters, which makes me […]

{happy-dance-and-jazz-hands list} 2;

                           {my ladyfriends and i with mathieu, the bassist from ra ra riot}   1. the total and complete creepfactor of my friends and i.  the photos featured in here are characteristic of this quality. whenever we go to concerts we kind of have to take photo booth pictures with members of the band. […]