that time i went to europe and became a jelly donut, berlin;

{berlin: weihnachtsmarkt [christmas market, alexanderplatz],  siegessäule, smiling through the sickness @ brandenburger tor in my toadstool hat, the aforementioned currywurst restaurant} *and then i sort of kind of made it to berlin, exceeeeeept the whole part where the next flight to berlin would have been four days later, as in the day after i hypothetically left […]

a los ángeles itinerary;

sun your limbs for the first time in months. realize the thought “wait, i have ankles?” run across your mind as you take off your knee socks. appreciate californian trash cans because , unlike their massachusetts counterparts, they aren’t filled with broken umbrellas and melted snow. get a sunburn whilst wearing a sweater, because that’s […]

i binged on fun at remuda ranch, part two;

…for part one, click here. …for part three, click here. { me, mackenzie, katie, katherine. reppin’ sagebrush house.} The next week I was in a cold stupor, swaddled in another one of my signature men’s sweatshirts, being driven by my resolute mother to Renfrew, an eating disorder treatment center right outside of the high-class, glorified […]