things you learn by 25.875;

okay, so you still don’t know how to make bread bowls {and thus cannot eat your dishes.} that’s okay. cut yourself a break. it’s been a weird and funny three years. there’s still time. 25 has been really dope. ups and downs, sure, but generally a good 82% on rotten tomatoes and i’m on month 10. […]

i binged on fun at remuda ranch, part 3;

{valti and i, renfrew. 2005. } for a long time after i left remuda, i never wanted to be tied back to my stay there. i had my t-shirt, my internal battle scars, and that’s all i wanted. i didn’t want to be “that girl with an eating disorder”, because i knew how they had […]

i binged on fun at remuda ranch, part two;

…for part one, click here. …for part three, click here. { me, mackenzie, katie, katherine. reppin’ sagebrush house.} The next week I was in a cold stupor, swaddled in another one of my signature men’s sweatshirts, being driven by my resolute mother to Renfrew, an eating disorder treatment center right outside of the high-class, glorified […]

veganism, labels, and lobster dreams;

you may have noticed or you may be learning this for the first time. i’ve crossed over to the slightly darker side. let me explain. i swear i have a good argument. i started getting these dreams. these vivid, tasty dreams. yes, dreams of lobsters.more specifically speaking, dreams of eating lobsters. i know, i know. […]