things you learn by 25.875;

okay, so you still don’t know how to make bread bowls {and thus cannot eat your dishes.} that’s okay. cut yourself a break. it’s been a weird and funny three years. there’s still time. 25 has been really dope. ups and downs, sure, but generally a good 82% on rotten tomatoes and i’m on month 10. […]

musings on the blogosphere;

{world’s end. hingham, massachusetts} it may or may not be evident, but i’ve been having some, well, perturbed feelings about the world of blogging. warning: please note that the point of this is not to call out anyone, but to call attention to a theme i’ve noticed. after reading this post and having a good […]

“i’ve got a perfect body ’cause my eyelashes catch my sweat”;

realizing that my limbs aren’t just there to look nice is always an interesting lesson. realizing that, when i was seventeen, i never could relate to any of the “real girl” models in seventeen magazine and being okay with it. they never had tips that suited my short pixie hair cuts that i gave myself […]

i binged on fun at remuda ranch, part 3;

{valti and i, renfrew. 2005. } for a long time after i left remuda, i never wanted to be tied back to my stay there. i had my t-shirt, my internal battle scars, and that’s all i wanted. i didn’t want to be “that girl with an eating disorder”, because i knew how they had […]

i binged on fun at remuda ranch, part two;

…for part one, click here. …for part three, click here. { me, mackenzie, katie, katherine. reppin’ sagebrush house.} The next week I was in a cold stupor, swaddled in another one of my signature men’s sweatshirts, being driven by my resolute mother to Renfrew, an eating disorder treatment center right outside of the high-class, glorified […]

on who i am at the moment;

at this moment in time… ….i’m much more content going to concerts solo. crocheting on a friday night and listening to songs like these. spend the evening prancing around beacon hill, arm in arm with a small group of friends. …i’m so, so, so hopeful. of everything. of the future book i dream about finishing. […]

veganism, labels, and lobster dreams;

you may have noticed or you may be learning this for the first time. i’ve crossed over to the slightly darker side. let me explain. i swear i have a good argument. i started getting these dreams. these vivid, tasty dreams. yes, dreams of lobsters.more specifically speaking, dreams of eating lobsters. i know, i know. […]

to stop looking, or the “i blame this on katherine heigl” post;

-image via i like to think i’m very good at the quick glance, not wavering my gaze upon a certain person, place, or thing for too long. the girl who you really could never put your finger on because she was soon fluttering away to another subject, or person, or anything for that matter. but […]