year twenty-two;

perform stand-up. move somewhere new. post-grad corgi???? pierce the schnozz/nose. make it sparkly. watch the entirety of doctor who. sing in public. say nope. graduate (!!!) bike around a new city. learn to read crochet patterns (achievable goals, ya’ll.) read at least three children’s books auf deutsch. go to a mormon church service. go rock-climbing. […]

{feed the mackenzies} snickerdoodle ice cream sandwiches;

snickerdoodles, i feel like you don’t get the air time you really deserve. sure, you bring to mind an era of 50’s aerosol hairsprays and garish floral couches covered in plastic protective coverings, but you really are an awesome anytime-of-the-year, any-decade-where-cookies-are-eaten (curse you, frantic fat-hating, 90’s)  kind of cookie.  who cares if you’re not a […]

2013: the year of “nope”;

i am a yes girl through and through. i say yes to new friends because, hey, new friends! i say yes to babysitting new kids for new families because, hey, money for me to blow on overpriced decaf americanos and concert tickets and ingredients to bake speculoos cookies! i say yes to including not-the-nicest people […]

adventures in bike commuting, june;

so far, millie, the bike, and i have…. biked to the kooks concert. a cake + two door cinema club concert. and a laura marling concert. gone to castle island on a group ride with common wheels. gone through (literal) hundreds of miles around boston. all around cambridge. all around somerville. all around brookline. in […]

the girl with two left feet and one big smile;

                                          –via guys, i like to think i’m physically in shape. i don’t get winded going up stairs. i eat my oatmeal. take my vitamins. do my elliptical workouts whilst watching the discovery channel to stretch my brain and tone the thighs. and lift weights listening to katy perry to reverse that hour […]

two thousand and ten;

In 2010, ladyfriend over here…. – withdrew from new college. a thing i had wanted to do 8 months earlier but didn’t have the “cajones” to do so. no regrets, best decision i’ve ever made. I’ve always been a very safe person. and some may regard it as ” a dumb, teenage decision”, but i […]

she wants to be everything;

                                                                                  -via   " When they asked me what I wanted to be I said I didn’t know. "Oh, sure you know," the photographer said. "She wants," said Jay Cee wittily, "to be everything."                                                                                    -sylvia plath, ‘the bell jar’