blog is getting a juice cleanse;

hey ya’ll. if you couldn’t tell already, this blog has been needing some serious r&r. it needs a face lift of sorts. maybe a tummy tuck. maybe a juice cleanse. who knows, but i’ve been thinking about doing it for months. inspired by my dear friend jenna’s recent blog overhaul, i realized i can re-brand […]

post-grad reading list;

the other night i had the pleasure of meeting a really kindred spirit in the unlikely place of a new frozen yogurt shop  where i was attending a babysitters-parent networking event (feel free to laugh. this is my normal.) we hit a lull in the event, the other babysitters really weren’t talking to other babysitters […]

i just want to wear all the hats, please;

{my preferred means of studying} i’m gonna whisper this really softly in case i startle any of you. i figured out i don’t want to apply to grad school. not this year at least. maybe not even in five years. maybe not ever. whatever. in the spirit of 2013: the year of “nope” i’m saying nope […]

2013: the year of “nope”;

i am a yes girl through and through. i say yes to new friends because, hey, new friends! i say yes to babysitting new kids for new families because, hey, money for me to blow on overpriced decaf americanos and concert tickets and ingredients to bake speculoos cookies! i say yes to including not-the-nicest people […]

seven year old selves, a playlist;

{click above picture of three year-old mackenzie for playlist, because seven year-old me had an unsightly white girl ‘fro} like i said before, the sads don’t typically prey upon me in the winter, i’ll admit. but i also have a pretty unfair advantage for combatting the nasty little case of blues that seem to hover […]

i just bought a ticket;

there is something weirdly noble surrounding the idea of traveling; the sacrifice of certain pairs of shoes left at home and the inevitable awkward foot tan that will come with it. the forgoing of certain pleasantries so you can afford another museum in new york city. another styrofoam container of steaming dumplings from a corner […]