2013: the year of “nope”;

i am a yes girl through and through. i say yes to new friends because, hey, new friends! i say yes to babysitting new kids for new families because, hey, money for me to blow on overpriced decaf americanos and concert tickets and ingredients to bake speculoos cookies! i say yes to including not-the-nicest people […]

dear boston, we have some talking to do;

i’m all about honesty. i find that i can’t get things out of my head, unless i am able to mentally unpack the less-than-happy-instagrammed-version of my life. because not everything is able to look nice under the “nashville” or “walden” filter. and sometimes it’s nicer when those things aren’t put out of focus in order […]

i binged on fun at remuda ranch, part 3;

{valti and i, renfrew. 2005. } for a long time after i left remuda, i never wanted to be tied back to my stay there. i had my t-shirt, my internal battle scars, and that’s all i wanted. i didn’t want to be “that girl with an eating disorder”, because i knew how they had […]