sunnin’ the limbs, a playlist;

{click image for spotify playlist. click here for youtube playlist}   i think summer playlists are a wonderful thing. the most special of all playlists. as a former theme park employee who worked in a section of the park where it was always july 4th, 1976 year-round {i.e. working the carnival games outside of the […]

i don’t wanna be a cleaning lady, a playlist;

{click image for playlist. click here for youtube playlist} this semester has been naps at 5:00….until 8pm. emails and emails and emails and cover letters and emails. eating whole avocados. stress cheese stick-eating. spending a two hour class writing 20+ donut flavor combinations for later dates. biggest loser re-runs and putting “watch more dr.who” as […]

a february playlist {a-side};

{click image for playlist!} this may or may not be a shock, but i’m really not a romantic. don’t get me wrong; i love love. i just don’t like the notion that love has to be this compartment that we have to fill with this sounds-like-love, looks-like-love, smells-like-love, feels-like-love-so-it-must-be-love-kind-of-thing. that it must be from someone […]

ivy-covered life, a playlist;

{click above for playlist!} boston and i have been super buddy-buddy lately. i ask her for a sunny day when i don’t have twelve hours of class and internship inside of classrooms full of recycled air. i ask her to give me just enough time to finish up the wonder spot by melissa bank & sula by toni morrison […]

a studying mix;

  {click image for playlist!} guys, i am drowning in required reading. my glands are swollen beyond comprehension. i’ve eaten 1/3rd of this cookie pie in the matter of 24 hours. my buddy norton and i are becoming best frienemies. my unruly eye brows are becoming more and more noticeable to the outside world, and […]

dear boston;

dear my beloved boston/broston, it is may. you should not be 48 degrees outside . weather that is overcast, gloomy, and not conducive to bike rides over the charles is a major bummer. i should not have to wear thick socks around my apartment. or daydream about hot showers. or still have to use my […]

{sounds like} a midnight-moonlit-bike ride through the city;

down massachusetts  ave. you pedal towards mit’s stoic east-berlin-esque buildings. wind rushing through the hair of what’s become your spring-time-winter-boredrom pixie haircut. that one building always smell like a milky peppermint tea, why does it always smell like a milky peppermint tea? you resolve to figure it out, your inner boxcar child is itching to […]