{berets and bongos} 97;

“you do not always know what I am feeling. last night in the warm spring air while I was blazing my tirade against someone who doesn’t interest me, it was love for you that set me afire, and isn’t it odd? for in rooms full of strangers my most tender feelings writhe and bear the […]

{berets and bongos} 96;

{buddy brews. tampa, fl. january 2012} “i woke in a gold dress you in jeans. morning filled wine bottles in the kitchen ashine with fine mica glitter of fish scales and salt. it was quiet. we coiled in scarves outside – me sugar, you milk. you said: that went well, don’t you think? sun behind […]

{berets and bongos} 93;

{columbia university. january 2012}  “december 1st as we kissed good-bye you made a little frown. now christ’s lights are twinkling all over town. the cornstalks are broken in the field, broken and brown. the pond at the year’s end turns her gray eyelid down. christ’s lights are twinkling all over town…” -anne sexton, “eighteen days […]

{berets and bongos} 92;

“december 16th once upon a time you grew up in a bedroom the size of a dime and shared it with your sister. that was west end avenue in manhattan. longing for country you were penned into city, peering across the hudson at palisades park. the boy in you played stickball until it was dark. […]