that time i went to europe and became a jelly donut, berlin;

{berlin: weihnachtsmarkt [christmas market, alexanderplatz],  siegessäule, smiling through the sickness @ brandenburger tor in my toadstool hat, the aforementioned currywurst restaurant} *and then i sort of kind of made it to berlin, exceeeeeept the whole part where the next flight to berlin would have been four days later, as in the day after i hypothetically left […]

that time i went to europe and {sorta} lived to tell the tale, dublin;

   {somewhere around st. stephen’s green. too jet-lagged to remember exactly, since i had just had at least four cups of aer-lingus coffee and eight aer-lingus cookies by this point, tbh} i’m about to be that twat. i’m about to talk about my post-grad trip europe without being annoying, except totally being annoying. you know […]

december favorites;

a maniacal amount of grapefruits in my fridge. how cute beantown can be….even in her soggy dreariness. reinbeers. naturally. grizzly bear slippers….naturally. roommate christmas: a gnome necklace. a star wars violin solo book. bacon t-shirts. hilarity ensued to the tune of  “the imperial march”. einstein cup giving me the strength to get through finals, a […]

{cycle love} winter cycling;

one of the questions i get asked the most is, “you bike everywhere? even in the winter? isn’t that, like, cold?” the next question i am asked in terms of frequency is, “why are you carrying around a bike helmet?” (i was once asked this questions four times in the matter of two hours on campus […]

how to beat the winter blues;

1. celebrate the fact that nick hornby and ben folds collaborated on an album together. hold back tears of joy upon listening to “claire’s ninth” on repeat for a month and a half whenever you walk to harvard square, or until it breaks 60 degrees outside. 2. appreciate the beauty of your city. jump in […]

my new york city itinerary;

get on lovely double decker bus to nyc. get “crunk” off of kombucha tea. choke down the delicious vinegar-y taste of said kombucha as you indulge in some good teen fiction. get incept-a-grammed by your favorite bros from high school as you down a veggie burger and watch portlandia. prance across brooklyn with aforementioned bros. […]

that time i got dominated by crotched mountain;

did my title pique your interest? yes, i did get dominated by a mountain that was indeed crotched. enter, crotched mountain in new hampshire. known for its many crotches. okay, i need to stop saying crotched.  one more time. crotched. okay, i’ve got it out of my system. i swear. needless to say, everyone could […]